A city explored, performed.

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(All images in this post © Christian Payne)

On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2009 Theatre Writing Partnership, Stan’s Cafe and Derby LIVE brought a two-day adventure to the City of Derby. The first day was a city-wide adventure – a kind of treasure-hunt with clues and tasks that produced images, sounds and creative writing in the morning, and then a coming together of participants to produce scripts and monologues in the afternoon. The second day brought a director and 4 actors to the material, producing a performance and presentation that evening: A City Staged.

Listen to Kate Chapman explaining the first day: A City Adventure.

This was a bold and unusual experiment in theatre writing which was very exciting to be a part of, and we want to bring you just a taste of the experience through the media (audio, video, and images) produced by our two social-media documenters: Hannah Nicklin and the excellent Christian Payne (Documentally).

Here we can see two of their turning points in the adventure, which were streamed live at the time through Qik

[qik url="http://qik.com/video/3072235"]

[qik url="http://qik.com/video/3072829"]

The days would have been nothing without the participants, who though not always privy to the big picture, traversed the tasks given to them with enthusiasm. Here we have an interview with several of them, just back from the morning’s adventure.


The material they produced was then wrought into shape by TWP’s Artistic Director Kate Chapman, and a team of four actors, here’s an interview with Gary, one of those actors, and with Kate, just half an hour before the presentation was performed.

Gary: Kate:

The presentation took the form of a collection of images and sounds recorded throughout the day, and a reading of the dramatic work written in response to the tasks undertaken. The presentation was scored by several monologues which spoke from the city of Derby’s heart – its inhabitants, its churches, and its monuments. Here is a four minute excerpt from the piece:

You can find further highlights from the two day’s images, video and audio on TWP’s Posterous. The audioboos recorded throughout the two days are the best way to follow the tasks and process in detail, and you can find them in order (complete with images and geo (location) tags) here and mapped here. This map allows you to follow Hannah and @Documentally‘s progress through the city, enabling you to listen without leaving map view.  (Massive thanks to @buddhamagnet for the mapping facility.)

We will leave you with an interview with Rochi Rampal, one of the performers, just after the performance finished, and with Jayne, one of the City Adventure participants reflecting on the feeling of seeing her writing staged.



Market Square


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