A City Crane

It’s here! The online task that gives you the opportunity to be a part of Stan’s Cafe and TWP’s A City Adventure.

In just 9 days 26 writers will be taking to the streets of Derby and undertaking a series of yet-unknown tasks bringing them into direct interaction with the city of Derby. Producing images, words, and sounds the participants will explore the city-spaces they walk through every day.

However because of the small number of spaces, and because many of you are spread far and wide, we wanted to offer an exciting online aspect of the adventure to allow one and all to participate. Here’s how…

The City Crane!

Follow our instructions to make a City Crane, and send us a picture of your results to have your words thrown into the mix for A City Staged on 3rd October 2009.

1. Start with a square of paper, point to the top to make a diamond

2. Think of a familiar place in a city you know, preferably one that you share with people you don’t know. Write down words that describe this place across the middle of the diamond. Think of colours, textures, sounds, sights and smells and of ways in which the place resembles a person. Is it controlling? Is it moody? Is it accommodating?
3. Turn the page 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Continue to describe the place, and allow your description to encompass the people that inhabit the place alongside you.
4. Once your ink is dry, start to fold the paper into an origami crane – great instructions for this can be found here, and we’ll be follow this post up with a video of online communication officer, Hannah, folding one too.
5. Send or link us to a picture or video of your wordy crane (from as many angles as you like) and we’ll pass it on to the actors to shape into A City Speaks. We’ll also put up a gallery of wordy cranes so you can see who else is joining in!

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