Choices, choices

This week has been full of conversations with branding experts, web gurus, techies, geeks, creatives and a lovely dog (okay, he wasn’t actually a talking dog). Kate and I feel like we’ve been on a bit of a journey: our thoughts about what we want the website to be and do are much clearer, and the possibilities are really exciting. One of the things that we keenly aware of is that we aren’t just looking for a great new website and brand, we’re also looking for a shift in mindset so that the web is integral to all our activity: using the web as a space for creativity and ‘crowdsourcing’ to build our community is really important, so we really want to move away from the ‘shop window’ ethos of some sites to create space for all the people and organisations that shape what we do… I suppose I keep thinking of it as a moving picture frame, in that we want to show what is really happening in the region and beyond, and we realise that we’ll be able to have most impact by focusing on one picture at a time – scrutinising and playing amongst various depths of field.

The upshot of such a stimulating week is that we’re struggling to make a decision: it’s hard to make a choice that inevitably closes a few doors. Still, as our wise owl Chairperson suggested, we can’t make the wrong choice because we’re confident that each of the companies we’ve talked to will be able to deliver something really exciting that prompts a creative avalanche. Watch this space…


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